At ViSH we understand the importance of optimization of time for the global business traveller. For this reason, we are determined to organize and program your journey with the complete and necessary professional services:

Translation services: For your business meetings, fairs, congress and exhibitions appoitments and other professional projects, we provide a selected experienced team.

Meetings / Events: we do venue's booking for your corporate meetings, suggest restaurant for your events or select the best catering options.

For these or any other service, consult directly with us.

  • Yangshan Deepwater Port, Shanghai
    Yangshan Deepwater Port, Shanghai

    Located south of Shanghai, this mega structure built by sticking several natural islands together, is today one of  the largest cargo port in the world.

  • Urban Planning Museum, Shanghai
    Urban Planning Museum, Shanghai

    This contemporary building located right in the middle of People’s square, is a required stop to admire a made to scale model of the whole city.