To make your visit to China into a stimulating experience we will incorporate all your preferences into the planning and organization of your trip to make your visit to the country a memorable journey.

Hotels: Personally selected by our team, our hotels vary from exclusive luxury resorts to business hotels, to boutique urban guesthouses. We strive to meet the requirements of every traveler.

Transportation: Whether by air, sea or land, we will design the best route and provide you with complete transportation within the country.

Restaurants: For a full experience while traveling with us, ViSH can introduce you to the very best local and international cuisines according to your will.

Guides/consultants: During your visit, our experienced team members will share their extensive knowledge on the historical heritage of China and help you discover its social, cultural and human characteristics.

  • Peace Hotel, Shanghai
    Peace Hotel, Shanghai

    As one of the most popular hotels of Shanghai, built by Victor Sasoon during the 20’s, this building still maintains today its original magnificence.

  • Transportation

    The famous train from Chengdu to Lhasa where visitors would enjoy the impressive landscape of the different areas of this amazing journey.