Whether your enjoy trekking in mountain, walking into red sanded deserts, taking photographs of snow sculptures,  diving into crystal waters or everything all combined this country has all destinations desirable.

Discover Wuzhen, a fantastic Ming Dynasty water town, or the Buddhist island of Putuoshan near Shanghai, or Chengde and its Summer Palace outside of  Beijing,  or the medieval city of Pingyao, a traditional architectural city-museum, or the Huashan Mountains natural scenarios near Xi'an ...

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  • Wutai Mountain, Shanxi
    Wutai Mountain, Shanxi

    This sacred Buddhist mountain is located in a natural valley, surrounded by five principal mountains, with a highest point of 3058m.

  • Datong Yungang Grottoes, Shanxi
    Datong Yungang Grottoes, Shanxi

    Sculpted in the 5th century, this is one of the five Buddha's giant figures found in the Wuzhou mountain.

  • Tai Mountain, Shandong
    Tai Mountain, Shandong

    By climbing 6,660 steps,  one can reach the sublime top of the Great Holly taoist mountains.

  • Karakul Lake
    Karakul Lake

    A mirroring image of the Kongur Mountain reflecting itself into the Karakul lake, in the western province of Xinjiang.