The capital of Heilongjiang province is better known by many as the "Ice City" for its famous winter ice and snow festival.

Harbin, with its Architectural wonders, the surprising landscape of its neighboring towns and the exquisite local cuisine, can be a perfect getaway for both summer and winter season.

This large province is one of the favorite destinations during winter time as there are some of the best ski resorts  and facilities to enjoy this increasingly popular sport.

  • Snow and Ice Festival
    Snow and Ice Festival

    Haerbin is mainly renowned for its winter ice and snow festival celebrated between January and February.

  • Songhua River
    Songhua River

    During winter, low temperatures maintain the city below zero, and locals take advantage of the frozen river to enjoy their social and cultural activities.

  • Saint Sophia Cathedral
    Saint Sophia Cathedral

    This former Orthodox church is an example of Neo-Byzantine architecture, and shows the influence of the Russian community at this northern region.