Get Away

At ViSH we have decided to meet the need, for some of the expatriates community living in China,  to find a way out of the hustle and bustle of the city and we have developed exclusive getaway  programs for those who would like to enjoy some of the surprising destinations that the country has to offer.

Although the destinations are endless, we have just selected some examples for your long weekend getaway.

  • Guilin

    Inside the green province of Guanxi, the visitor faces otherworldly sharp limestone mountains sceneries.

  • Mount Putuo
    Mount Putuo

    This sanctuary is one of the four sacred mountains of Buddhism in China, where thousands of pilgrims offer their prays to thanks their god.

  • Confucio's House
    Confucio's House

    Restored during Ming dynasty, Qufu owns very valuable cultural sites such as the temple and cemetery of Confucius and the Kong Mansion.