Hong Kong

Hong Kong has simply no rival when it comes to mixed cultured cities.

The city offers a unique blend of western and Chinese society, and a rich heritage left behind by the more of 100 years of colonial history.

In Hong Kong, East and West merge into one, tradition and modernity go hand in hand.

Simply said, a great many glass skyscrapers coexist with incense aroma Buddhist temples, stunning mansions found between street markets  or secluded beaches and islands surrounded by busy commercial harbors.

  • Tai Long Wang Bay
    Tai Long Wang Bay

    The New Territories offers hundreds of paradisiac islands and peaceful beaches for a fully relaxed experience.

  • Central Night View
    Central Night View

    The Island of Hong Kong at its best during the evening times when all the skyline lights up.

  • Variety

    Financial Institutions and Corporate Headquarters lay arm to arm with historical sites and cultural relics.

  • Kowloon

    The busy avenues, the crowded shopping streets and the colorful commercial signs area a trademark of the city.