As the capital of today's China and the political center of the imperial powers, Beijing has to offer a rich architectural heritage which, for the traveler wishing to fully understand the country's  history and evolution, represents a not to be missed destination.

Beijing its a city that combines tradition, with ancient imperial palaces, old worshiping temples or noble family residences from the Ming and Qing periods, with original contemporary art galleries, haute cuisine restaurants to enjoy its quality food and futuristic architecture examples.

Get yourself deep into a city that has witnessed decisive events in the past and has evolved into a global powerful metropolis.

  • Wangfujing

    Is considered the major commercial area of Beijing, and particularly famous are its night markets offering the most tempting and exotic snacks.

  • Summer Palace
    Summer Palace

    This outstanding palace, built by the emperor Qianlong in 1750 and reconstructed by the empress Cixi at the end of the 19th century.

  • Great Wall
    Great Wall

    The site of SiMaTai Great Wall, north-east of Beijing, mixes a historical architecture and wild and peaceful environment.

  • NCPA

    The National Center of the Performing Arts, designed by Paul Andrew has become a central venue for the best cultural productions.