Life Style

From the Muslim Heritage of Xinjiang Province to the westernized and developed Hong Kong Special Zone, China showcases Multiple Life styles.

A country bordered by more than 14 different countries, Russia, Afghanistan or Vietnam to name a few, means an interesting conglomeration of different behaviors, habits and cultures within a single society.

At ViSH we want you to experience these differences so you can take them with you and share the uniquness of this surprising country.

  • Nanjing Road, Shanghai
    Nanjing Road, Shanghai

    The oldest and most renowned commercial street of China, showcases Art Déco and neoclassical style malls and antique traditional art stores.

  • Shidoucheng Rice Field
    Shidoucheng Rice Field

    Rice is still a fundamental ingredient to Chinese cuisine and, rice fields with its traditional seeding methods are spread all over the country.

  • Yao Minority, Longji
    Yao Minority, Longji

    The ethnic minorities of China are part of the cultural heritage. The long hair, the silver jewelry and the colorful clothing are proudly showcased.