China's artistic richness and diversity can be found in all forms of traditional arts, from architecture to literature, from calligraphy to painting...

The different symbolic representations, old mythology, religious concepts or natural scenarios are manifested throughout all artistic variations, using the the finest materials, emphasizing perfection, delicacy and elegance.

Get overwhelmed by the sublime artistic representations within China's  monumental religious temples, get amazed by the majestuosity of its Imperial palaces and discover the exquisite decorations of its fine porcelain or the extreme and precise work of the ancient classical gardens.

  • 798 Art District, Beijing
    798 Art District, Beijing

    This surprising complex of old factories is the major cultural and art center of the country, combining art galleries, coffee shops and book stores.

  • Beijing Opera
    Beijing Opera

    The very distinguished form of art mixes incredible voices, strict direction, superb costumes and dance performances, is a cultural treasure.

  • Suzhou Museum
    Suzhou Museum

    Built by the most famous Chinese American architect, I.M.Pei, this spectacular contemporary building mixes to perfection with the ancient city.