Our China Tours

At ViSH, every client gets its own trip.

During these last years we have  designed tour programs for some of our customers throughout the Country.

as a mere example of what we have to offer, we present you some programs that we hope will be of guidance, which can and must be modified to fully adapt it to your requests and needs.

For us to start preparing your very own trip to China, please click on "contact" and fill out our simple questionnaire. We will immediately back to you.


  • The Natural Route
    The Natural Route

    Arriving in Shanghai, we will start by visiting some natural areas of Sichuan and Tibet, Yunnan province and the New Territorries in Hong Kong.

  • The Sacred Mountains Route
    The Sacred Mountains Route

    By order, we discover the following sacred Mounts: Putuo (Buddhist), Tai (Taoist), Wutai (Buddhist), Hua (Taoist), Emei (Buddhist).