Considered historically one of the oldest civilization still in existence, China has lived through numerous episodes, from medieval imperial wars to contemporary social revolutions that left trace within its people.

Its tremendous and gigantic geography, its huge growing population, the diversity of its people belonging to 56 different ethnicity or the practice of several religions or faiths  have created over time an overwhelming cultural richness,a whole country's legacy that the visitor will keep as a souvenir.

China, A remote and unfamiliar country is becoming an attractive and fascinating one!

  • Shuangfeng, Hailin City
    Shuangfeng, Hailin City

    Popularly known as Snowtown, this charming town 300 km away from Harbin is a snow paradise which is said resemble some fairy tales.

  • Gansu Province Landscape
    Gansu Province Landscape

    Aerial view of the terraces in North Central province of Gansu, which showcases both mountains at the North and semi-arid landscapes.

  • Hukou Waterfall, Shanxi
    Hukou Waterfall, Shanxi

    The second largest waterfalls in China where the yellow river narrows down at this point from 300 to 50 meters turning the water into rapids.